Zoo Purpose: What Is Really Expected?

Zoo Purpose: What Is Really Expected

Zoo Purpose: What Is Really Expected: Hello readers! Apart from the usual pets, we share our planet blue with numerous other species. Other than research students of biological sphere most of the common population is unaware of the brilliantly vibrant plethora of species around us and far away. Due to arrogance and ignorance of the majority of people and largely to the greed of human beings we have lost many of the wonderful animals. The most important of the zoo purpose is the conservation of near extinction species. There are several other zoo purposes that I would like to highlight in this post but the most important question still remains unanswered, whether we are fulfilling our responsibility towards Mother Nature and does the zoo purpose expected are happening in reality or just the face shown to us is desired to be shown by the people reaping benefits from wildlife?

Zoo Purpose: Species Conservation

When we hear someone say zoo we instantly are drawn to a vision of caged wild animals being put up to display against a small amount of cash. I don’t know about you but I really don’t think that an animal’s life is worth a few bucks. When zoo is established and managed by a concerned and pro-environment authority it doesn’t matter whether it’s a government or a private individual we can see some good targets accomplished and prospected good zoo purpose.

But that is not the case with most of the private zoos and some of the popular government-owned zoos across the world.

Even if the prospective zoo purpose doesn’t include research and conservation of rare and near extinction species, at least wild animals deprived of their natural right of freedom of their respective place of origin, should be treated with respect, love and care an individual deserves.

There are many governments in the world which are supporting genetic base conservation of near extinction species in their sponsored and maintained zoos. There are several facilities that are serving their purpose to provide the basic and much-needed knowledge base for conservationists and government aided conservation programs. They are really trying their best to fulfill proposed zoo purpose but their number is very less than what is actually needed.

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Unfortunately, most of the people and government in different countries are not concerned about the impounding imbalance that we humans are causing and its effects on the rare and near extinction species.  There is only one zoo purpose that they are intended to achieve. Displaying wild animals inside diminutive cages and confinements, with low monetary input on healthcare and wellbeing of animals; to earn from ticket sales. They are so much busy and occupied in the matters of economics and power run that they have just ignored the dangers that are accumulating by their deeds. There is a limit to what nature can absorb once that is crossed there is no going back and when nature strikes back no money is going to rescue us.

Zoo Purpose: Some Things are Going Wrong.

Zoo Purpose: What Is Really Expected?

My love for animals tough started from pets but it was elevated by seeing wildlife in Jaipur zoo long time back in my childhood. Then it was a different story altogether because I was not aware of the respect that individual animal life demands. But now it’s a different thing. I admire introducing the wildlife to children because it’s necessary to get them involved emotionally with their responsibilities towards wild animals and nature. But more important than that is the education they will be receiving and that is where we are presently lacking.

Most of the time when people take their children for a visit to a zoo; they simply do it for the sake of spending some leisure time with their children. What is needed is to mix this leisure time with some fun and education. This awareness to informal education in every walk of life is what is lacking in most families. I was fortunate enough that concern and a little sense of responsibility towards the environment is shared by my parents with me.

Even more alarming than this; is the attitude and behavior of people underemployment in most zoos. Most of the employees of public zoos, at least in India are indifferent to the real zoo purpose. Sad, but this is the reality. Most of the government employees at the zoo just fulfill their duties and are not interested in making any effort apart of their assigned duties. Also, environment attracts the least concern of any government. Owing to this the zoo purpose of defending and bringing back the near extinction species back stays defeated.

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There are so many more zoo purpose that can actually serve benefits of wildlife. We will discuss more in our upcoming posts. It’s a goodbye for now from the desk of Kaivalaya’s Ani-Mall. Br well, and be helpful in nurturing back our environment.

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