Borzoi Dog Breed info

Borzoi Dog Breed info, Origin, Physical Appearance, Training

Borzoi Dog Breed info: Borzoi once a dog of aristrocrates is an elegant medium sized, thick and long coated sighthound which looks like greyhound with thick coat. Fast as greyhound, Borzoi is a hunter as well as a companion with a stubborn streak. Borzoi is a sighthound of cold weather.

Borzoi Dog Breed info: Origin

Borzoi came to existence in middle ages in Russia. Russians needed hunting dogs with speed like greyhounds which could survive the cold weather of Russia. They also wanted the dog to be beautiful. Borzoi is cross of gazelle hound from Arabia and Russian sheepdog and Russian bearhound. Borzoi was created by a Russian duke who wanted speedy dogs. They were bred to hunt down Russian wolves. As Borzois were related to Czars, after Russian revolution large number of Borzois were slaughtered leading to damage to population of Borzoi. Present breed standards are according to Borzoi of Perchino kennel.

Borzoi Dog Breed: FCI classification

  • Category – Group 10, long haired/ fringed sighthound
  • Recognised – 13/1/1956
  • Country of origin – Russia

Borzoi Dog Breed Physical Appearance

Borzoi like other sighthounds have long legs and lean streamlined body with elegance. Head of Borzoi is thin and long with ears lying at the back of neck. They are deep chested. Tail is long and feathery. Its coat is thick in two layers which is medium, wavy and silky. Neck has thickest bush of hair. Coat colour comes in various colours except blue, brown and its shades.

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Borzoi Dog Breed Size


  • Male – 30 to 33 inches
  • Female – 27 to 31 inches


  • Male – 34 to 48 kgs
  • Female – 25 to 41 kgs

Borzoi Dog Breed info: Temperament

Borzoi is high energy dog and require good physical and mental engagement activities to keep them happy. They are gentle and calm as companion. But, they are independent so, need firm handler. They are quiet and even they walk without any sound like a cat. As a hunting breed they are not good with other pets.

Borzoi Dog Training

They are independent in nature making training a challenge. They need firm owners who train Borzoi with positive reinforcement. They should not be off leash except in secure enclosed space. Early socialisation is must as some Borzoi can be wary about strangers.

Borzoi Dog Health challenges

Borzois are mainly disposed to hypothyroid, cataracts, heart diseases and bloating due to deep chested. The osteosarcoma and lymphosarcoma cancers are quite common in Borzoi. Musculosceletal injuries are also common.

  • Life expectancy is 11 to 15 years.
  • Litter size is around 11 puppies

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