Top 10 Police K9 Unit Dog Breeds

Top 10 Police K9 Unit Dog Breeds

Top 10 Police K9 Unit Dog Breeds: Everyone worldwide know dogs are human beings best friends and from time immemorial served us in various fields according to our needs be as companion, protection, herding etc. Among various functions of dogs in our lives one function of these adorable loyal beings is to serve in police department for various functions. The dogs serving in police department are also known as k9 dogs. These dogs have various functions in police department from tracking and holding criminals to finding drugs and bombs. Their functions are very wide. So, they are heroes of canine world. Here, I m listing top 10 police k9 dog breeds for knowledge of readers.

Top 10 Police K9 Unit Dog Breeds

1) German Shepherd

2) Doberman Pinscher

3) Labrador

4) Belgian Malinois

5) Beagle

6) Rottweiler

7) Bloodhound

8) German Shorthaired Pointer

9) Giant Schnauzer

10) Pitbull Terrier

Top Police K9 Unit Dog Breed: German Shepherd

German shepherd dogs structural deformities

Everyone knows German shepherds being fearless and loyal to the point that they can lay their lives to protect their owners. German shepherd is the oldest and well known dog of police and most popular police k9 dog. German shepherd is fearless, intelligent, easy to train and loyal in nature with its intimidating size and good bite force makes the police to train it easily to nab down criminals by giving commands. They can also find drugs, bombs by sniffing and are good in tracking for search and rescue missions. Their good working stamina also favour them as police dogs. All in all German shepherd is an all rounder as a police k9.

2nd Police K9 Unit Dog Breeds: Doberman Phinscher

Doberman Phinscher

Doberman pinscher was mainly developed for security kind of jobs. So, it is another breed suitable as candidate in police k9. Doberman was bred for its speed, protective nature, intelligence and high trainability. These qualities are required in a police dog which is used for nabbing running criminals. This particular breed is to stop and nab running criminals which needs a very good running speed. Dobs are built muscular and athletic and perfectly fits in this role. Their ferocious looks are also intimidating. They run behind the criminals fast and grab the arm of criminal to pull him/ her to ground.

03rd Police K9 Unit Dog Breeds: Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

Labrador retriever is another most popular police k9 and can be seen almost in every police department around the world. They are used to sniff out drugs, explosives, weapons, or people. They are retriever dogs and therefore very useful in search and rescue missions to rescue even buried victims. Labradors are high energy, intelligent, loyal and easily trainable with additional retrieving nature make them perfect to be a police dog for search and rescue. Their good health and good stamina adds to this list.

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04th Police K9 Unit Dog Breeds: Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois

This is another herding dog that has become a good police k9 dog. These hard working and active dogs also have excellent sense of smell so, they are used as sniffers in finding drugs, bombs, tracking criminals etc. Belgian malinois is quick to react to situations which make them more favourable as police dog with a strong protective instinct. This helps in law enforcement with very fast, not giving time for miscreants to act. Their slim build make them fast dogs if needed to run behind criminal. All above qualities make them one of the top police k9 dogs.

05 th Police K9 Unit Dog Breeds: Beagle

Beagle Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in 2018

Those big ears and almond shaped eyes gives friendly face of beagle. That small dog is also a good option as police dog because of it to be scent hound. Beagle is a well known sweet natured scent hound. Scent hounds have extremely good sense of smell and become awsome detection dogs in police department. They are mainly used to find drugs, bombs etc.

06th Police K9 Unit Dog Breeds: Rottweiler


Rottweiler was also a herding dog famous with pulling carts of butchers in past. This breed is another good option as police k9 dog. With its muscular big structure, mean and dangerous looks with strongest bite strength can persuade criminals and even crowds to back off with its mere presence. The deep and loud bark is added bonus. This breed is extremely loyal, easy to train and high protective instinct adds extra security to handler. They are extremely brave and are not the ones to run away leaving handler. It is also my personal experience having a normal Rottweiler. They are used as patrol dogs as well as sniffer dogs. They are very suitable to control crowds, tracking criminals and nabbing down criminals who are non cooperative.

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07th Police K9 Unit Dog Breeds: Bloodhound

Bloodhounds were developed for hunting and tracking due to their too good sense of smell. This is another sweet natured and calm and large sized scent hound preferred as police k9. Like beagles they are also have the role as sniffers for finding drugs, bombs etc and trackers to find lost people or animals.

08th Police K9 Unit Dog Breeds: German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointers were bred as hunting dogs and have good sense of smell. As they are from hunting background, they have immense energy with high stamina. As they are very good in smell thing they are highly desired as sniffers and trackers and desirable for long hours of tracking works due to high energy level and stamina. They are highly intelligent, easy to train and non aggressive nature make them suitable for police k9 among other large number of tracking and detection dog breeds in police department.

09th Police K9 Unit Dog Breeds: Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzers were developed for protection and cattle droving. These are working dogs with streaks of aggression. They are new in police k9 department. They today are used as patrol dogs, law enforcement dogs, tracking dogs and also in search and rescue missions as police k9. They are highly active and very fast dogs which can outspace even German shepherds in running. They are serious professionals who love to work on time of work. They are friendly and loyal and make a very special bond with owners or handler. Giant Schnauzers are multi purpose police k9 dogs.

10th Police K9 Unit Dog Breeds: Pitbull Terrier

Pitbull Terrier

Pitbull Terrier a name everyone knows for their aggression and even are banned in many places worldwide! But, there is another side and functions of Pitbull Terrier among which, it is recently included in team of police k9 dogs. They are cheaper than other dog breeds as detection dogs and are as equal to them in duty of detection. Many pitbulls are doing wonderful job as detection dogs.and in search and rescue missions. They are determined and very much eager to please owner making them do their duties easily.

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