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Chart Polski health problems and some important tips

Chart Polski health problems: Just recently we have given an account on chart polski grooming. It only felt logical to provide details about chart polski health problems next. There are some disorders and diseases that might struck your chart polski, some of them might be just sickness, some might be circumstantial disorders and some might be genetic disorders carried over from generations. In all the above mentioned cases there are two possibilities.

It might be acquired as a life style disease that can be just fine with some sort of medication but sometimes disorders can be severe and might require instant veterinary attention. In case of chart polski health problems I will straight forward request you to not experiment with any sort of home remedies and rush straight forward to your local vet  with the first signs of distress appears in your dog.

Genetic Chart Polski health problems

There are no specific genetic diseases or disorders that have been identified with the chart polski dog only. There are some problems that may occur in certain lines. These are mostly disorders that are related to the muscle tissues of heart. These are known as cardiomyopathy. So to avoid this it is recommended that every breeder should get their breeding stock as well as every litter screened for good heart certificate.

There are some types of cancers that have been more prominent in some lines but to draw a definitive conclusion is rather difficult in lack of ample evidence cases to support the theory. But there is no denying that some chart polski dogs suffer from cancer.

Though, some genetic problems can be screened well ahead of their actual occurrence but it is not always possible to decode the Mother Nature. Sometimes genetic diseases appear from nowhere and and sometimes they strike when we are not supposed to be prepared for them. So, just have faith in God and pray for whatever time you were given with your dog should go without suffering to either one of you. There is nothing can be really done to  control such conditions but yes in some cases with the help of modern medical science and experience of a responsible breeder they can be avoided to a larger extent.

Chart Polski skin problems

As I have mentioned earlier in the grooming article the chart polski is relatively clean dog as like its Asiatic relatives. Their skin doesn’t secrete too much of oil so the flaking and dust attracting problems are not that much prominent in chart polski. With a little grooming and normal bath once every two months is good to go. Additionally the bathing and brushing procedure are fairly easy in the case of this breed because of tight fitting short coat.

In some cases where his breed is kept on farm and may be because of some conditions are left unattended for longer periods of time then they might develop some skin problems like fungal infections and blood sucking parasites.

Most of the times, such problems occur due to the ignorance of owner and have nothing to do with the breed specifically. In my personal opinion everyone who is keeping a dog must tend to bare minimum needs of their dogs. If you are not having time to at least feed, walk and play with your dog and provide them absolute minimum exercise any specific breed needs, you must not keep dogs. Just for their well being, you must not have any dog.

Injuries that may cause Chart Polski health problems

As it is discussed in some earlier articles that this breed is a strong sight hound that needs to move their muscle to be healthy. But during any exercise session enough care should be taken to minimize the risk of muscular or structural injuries.  Special care should be given to puppies and young individuals. As like in most sight hounds chart polski puppies tend to have weak legs, especially in thigh and shoulder area as muscles are still packing up in those areas. You need to supervise and save them from rough play. Do keep them at bay from jumping too steep obstacles or leaping across large ditches. Take special care in case of puppies, save them from over exhaustion.

Later in time when they will grow into a fine adult you can relax as they will be very strong sight hounds capable of chasing any game over any terrain. They will sprint and leap clear over obstacles and will enjoy rigorous play sessions.

When they grow old you must tend to special needs of a senior chart polski dog. There will be certain problems that are common in almost all senior dogs. They will tend to overestimate their capabilities and might suffer from joint injuries if they played rough. Loss of muscle mass will be there still there will be an urge to run and chase. To suppress this kind of anxiety you must take them for long walks daily, preferably two times a day. This will relieve their anxiety and wander lust and will help them move their muscles also.

Common conditions causing Chart Polski health problems

Apart from joints, muscular and structural problems that may be genetic or lifestyle acquired there are some problems that you should be aware of.

Like most deep chest dog breeds chart polski may suffer from bloat and gastric torsion. Sometimes this condition becomes so severe in very short amount of time that a fine dog will be critical within a couple of hours.

To avoid stomach problems remember to follow a few rules.

First of all always avoid giving one large meal a day to your chart polski. It is recommended to provide them three small meals a day to avoid any bloating problems. In these three meals you can give a protein rich diet in the morning and at night and some light snacks as a midday meal would be good. Also avoid mixing gas producing foods like kidney beans and chick peas in their food. Personally I prefer to give roasted or boiled or steamed animal protein to my dogs to avoid any transferable disease or parasite through raw meat. Some people prefer raw meat over cooked food for their dogs but it is just my personal preference to serve them cooked meat.

Secondly, avoid taking them out for exercise on a full stomach. Wait for at least an hour after exercising your dog before giving them any food to eat. This time period should be extended to at least three hours if you are going to exercise chart polski after a meal. It would be ignorance in plain sight if you are exercising your dog with a full stomach.

Rest, be vigilant for any signs of distress, examine your dog regularly for skin problems and always be in touch of a vet to avoid escalating any risks under emergency conditions.

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