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Chart Polski Origin : Proposed Theories and reality

Chart Polski Origin: In our previous post we have provided an overview on the polish greyhound the Chart Polski. With this work we will be starting to present in-depth study on various topics. This particular work will be concentrated on shining some light on the Chart polski origin. Chart polski origin has been a lesser discussed topic for ages may be because of the lingual or cultural differences Poland has with the rest of the world.

I would like to point out here that Chart polski is an ancient breed and there are many fables in polish culture describing a hunting dog that is native to Poland. To avoid any conspiracy I will try to give reference of every source of information that I will provide here. Now before moving further in this article I would request our readers to please subscribe our website. By this you will never miss any of our upcoming works and would you would be able win exclusive merchandise.

Chart Polski Origin: Earliest References.

This breed has not received the recognition that it deserves, probably because of their obvious resemblance to the English greyhound. There are several proposed theories about Chart polski origin but most of them were just made up stories. Real stories of Chart polski origin lays in Poland, in old polish fables, folk tales, cultural relics, passed down stories from generation to generation and in the pride of polish breeders who dedicated their life and entire resources on bringing back this breed from the verge of extinction. That is where you will find the reality of the origins of chart polski.

The first ever written reference to a hunting dog that seems very similar to the modern day Chart polski comes in book titled Riding and hunting authored by the native polish author Gostomski. (As reported by This work proved that chart polski origin was way beyond the 17th century and the breed was recognized by the time. Some theories of chart polski origin suggested that the breed had been under development in 9th century with a definitive chart polski resembling dog appearing in some historic works as early as the 10th and 11th century. But we didn’t find any evidence to support that.

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By a false theory it has been stated that the polish sight hounds have been developed from the hounds brought to Poland from the British island. This also has not been verified by any evidence and has been straight forward rejected by the polish breeders involved in the development of the Chart polski. This might have been suggested because of the various strands of sight hounds found in Poland. There is some historic evidence that English greyhounds were imported to Poland but there is also recorded evidence to prove that the breed very much identical to the chart polski was already present in the Poland at that time.

Now, with the help of genetic marking studies it is know that the chart polski origin are credited to ancient Asiatic sight hounds and they are in no manner related to the English grey hound. It is suggested that the Asiatic hounds were introduced by the central Asian traders into Poland. Some trade records of trading between Poland and south east Asia also exits suggesting that ancestors of this breed might have been influenced by hounds native to north African and south east Asian sight hounds.

There is another theory that suggests chart polski origin credited to the Russian sight hounds of medieval ages when long haired and short haired sight hounds were equally favored. We can see the resemblance between a chart polski and a short haired borzoi but still there is no credible proof that supports this theory.

Additional to above there is one more theory of chart polski origin that relates them to the early Hungarian sight hounds. Now this theory is a bit complicated to understand but I will try to explain it in lucrative and interesting way. You know about Magyars? They were powerful militant Hungarian tribes that emerged and flourished in the region lying between the Volga River and the Ural mountains. The origin of the chart polski breed has been linked to their hunting dogs. This theory proposes that the sight hounds that roamed this above mentioned region were the fore fathers of the modern day chart polski. Now we know that modern genetic studies have related the chart polski with the ancient Asiatic sight hounds, we can just presume that this side of story might be more realistic.

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But still in the lack of any very reliable and comprehensive documented evidence of ancient or medieval times we cannot just assume one theory to be correct. I reckon that there is some truth in every story and yet the claims might be high and appears to be a little difficult to wholly digest there must be some linkage to every theory and every source suggested in different stories have contributed to some extent to the chart polski origin.

Whatever had influenced chart Polski origin it resulted in an impressive, aristocratic, elegant, proud and very capable sighthound that found patronage amongst the polish royalty. Polish nobles used to hunt various small to medium sized game with this breed. As like in the case of several native hound breeds of India it is suggested that at some point of time there were several variations of chart Polski present that specializes to specific game hunting. Sometimes it has been indicated that a variety of chart Polski had been used to even hunt wolves. Whatever be the case seems that most of the variations were lost in the time. Now in the modern times we are just familiar to one variety of chart Polski which is been recognized and developed as a specific breed. This breed survived with the appreciation that it had earned from the Polish nobles. The decline of the breed started with the Poland gaining the status of a Republic. The regal families lost their power and their wealth and were unable to maintain their hunting dogs. This situation was further aggravated with the developments that took place by the outbreak of the World War 2.

Poland was devastated by the Russian and German rivalry. No one correctly knows how many polish people lost their lives but it is estimated that over 6 millions precious human lives were lost in Poland. This was the condition of humans then who cared about the dogs?

But somehow very few surviving chart Polski dogs were saved by some kind polish people. Later on in 1970’s a few dedicated polish breeders seriously gave this breed some consideration and its by their efforts the breed was saved from the verge of extinction. These breeders popularized this breed and the chart Polski was recognized by the FCI in the year 1989. Now chart Polski is gaining grounds in Europe and America. It seems that the numbers of these dogs are steadily rising but still compared to other breeds chart Polski dog still remains very rare even in its country of origin.

I hope you like this work. We will be bringing more on chart Polski so stay tuned.

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