Sloughi Training, Grooming, Health, Nutrition and Size

Sloughi Training, Grooming, Health, Nutrition and Size

Sloughi is a sleek and athletic sighthound from North Africa. Sloughi can floor you with its pleasing disposition and it’s love for owner and family. Although sloughis are confused with Saluki in appearance but, both breeds are different. Sloughi is also an ancient breed running and hunting from a long time in harsh terrains of North Africa. They are excellent chasers and hunters. It’s beauty coupled with athleticism are favourites for athletic or active people. If you want a sloughi then always consider having a big safe fenced yard.

Sloughi origin

The exact origin of Sloughi is not quite clear and lost in the mists of past but, ancient artifacts in Egypt finds the images of lop eared, smooth coated sighthound resembling to Sloughi around 3000 BC. DNA study found Sloughi to be genetically related to Basenji, Sica and Nguni. They are originally from Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and Libia. They were used for hunting, gaurding and as companion by Berber and Bedouin tribe people. They had special place in hearts of ┬áthese people and got utmost care and were allowed to share owner’s tents also. They were used for hunting gazelles, desert hare, desert fox, hyaena and jackal. The first description of sloughis of North Africa reached Europe in 19th century. During French occupation in Algeria before it’s independence around both world wars, Sloughis came to the verge of extinction due to French outlaw of hunting and outbreak of rabies epidemic. Still this breed is rare worldwide.

Sloughi Temperament

Sloughi has a dignified and reserved nature in all. They are not aggressive but, reserved. The best thing every dog owner wants to see in his/ her dog is the intense bond and loyality. This trait is ingrained in Sloughis. They are very athletic and active therefore, they need large and safe fenced area for galloping and to be content. Regular exercise is must to keep your Sloughi happy. They are extremely devoted to owners. They are reserved to strangers but, should not be shy. Due to their reserved nature towards strangers make them also good gaurd dogs. They can be fantastic with children and other pets if they are introduced and socialised from very early age as they have high prey drive due to hunting in their blood. Sloughis walk very quietly like a cat. They are intelligent and sensitive especially sensitive to touch. They also have independent streak in them. This is not a breed for everyone.

Sloughi Physical Appearance

Sloughi is a medium-sized slender and sleek dog. The body is square in proportion. The rib bones are visible due to low fat. The head is elongated. Ears are drop eared and floppy and close to head. The coat of Sloughi is smooth, fine and short. The coat colour comes in solid shades from light cream to mahagony red with or without black markings or brindle. Some have black masks covering muzzle, ears, forehead and neck. Except small white patches on chest and toes are not allowed in any part of the body. Tail is long and carried low.

Sloughi size


  • Male – 26 to 29 inches
  • Female – 24 to 27 inches

Weight – 35 to 50 pounds

FCI classification

  • Section – Section 3, short-haired sighthound
  • Group 10
  • Date of acceptance – 11/8/1934
  • Country of origin – Morocco
  • FCI standard no 188

Sloughi Grooming

Sloughi with short coat are very easy to be kept clean and maintained. Your Sloughi needs towel rubbing or brushing regularly to keep them clean and tidy. As their coat repels most of dirt and have little doggy odour so, there is no need of regular bathing. As their skin is thin regular baths should be avoided to avoid dry skin.

  • Sloughi needs nail trimming once in one or two weeks.
  • Your Sloughi needs to be brushed their teeth everyday by soft bristles toothbrush to keep their teeth clean and free from tartar build up.
  • Ears should be checked weekly for any build ups and should be cleaned once monthly with cotton balls.

Sloughi Nutrition

Your Sloughi needs a premium quality dog food specifically for active dogs as an adult. To save them from bloating food should be offered twice a day. Apart from dog food they can be offered little bit of vegetables, eggs, cottage cheese etc. On above all fresh and clean water is must for any dog breed available all the time.


Sloughi is not a very easily trainable breed because of its independent temperament. Along with independent nature they are also emotionally very sensitive. You should start socialising your brand new Sloughi pup from starting. Firm, repetitive and positive reinforcement is must in training your Sloughi and is recommended from puppy stage. Leash training is also must from starting to save them from sudden accidents outside due to their running behind moving objects. Treat training is well suited with Sloughi training. Be careful not to hurt their sentiments during training.

Sloughi Health Challenges

The most concerning health issue in Sloughis is progressive rational atrophy which leads to full blindness in them within few years. Sloughi is like any deep chested dog has very high risk of bloating. They can also have Addison’s disease. They are sensitive to anaesthesia due to low fat. Your Sloughi is more prone to musculoskeletal injuries due to high activity.

Litter size of Sloughi is around 4 to 6 puppies. Life expectancy of this breed is quite good and is around 12 to 16 years.

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