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About Kaivalaya’s Ani-mall:-

There are more than 100 pet shops in Jaipur alone. Kaivalaya’s Ani-Mall stand apart because of their commitment to quality and satisfaction. Kaivalaya’s Ani-Mall is not just a pet store, It is a professional animal husbandry. With a collective experience of more than 45 years in dogs, horses, cats, birds, fishes, and cattle we are the only one to provide you animals, pet and commercial alike with the highest quality and less paperwork. We also feel responsible to you after making a sale and we provide ample guidance for raising your pet.And don’t forget to check out our shopping section…..
 So, don’t wander here and there when the solution of your every problem is just a click away at www.kanimall.com.
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About the Owner of Kaivalaya’s Ani-Mall:-

Mr. Rishab Pathak has been a well-known name in dog training and pet behavior correction. Though he is an engineering graduate and working as an associate professor at in a reputed technology institute, he had been raising animals for past 25 years. Along with his brother Mr. Ankit Sharma he had set new standards in breeding German Shepherd Dog and bulls of Kankrej and Gir breeds.For more than a decade, he is raising aquarium fishes and caged birds.Not only in the zoological world, he also has interest in botanical gardens and beautiful terrariums.

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