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Rishabh Pathak Kaivalaya's Ani-Mall pet shops in Jaipur 

Rishabh Pathak

A well known name in dog training and behavior correction he started this website to address problems he faced in his three decade long association with pets and commercial animals. He is also actively involved in raising aquarium fishes and cage bred birds and has more than 20 aquariums at his home. A couple of those aquariums are 1000+ gallons monster tanks. An engineer by profession and with a rich experience of working as an Associate professor for 6 years in technical colleges his passion for animal husbandry pushed him to leave job and realize his dream which had him involved deeply in Gir and Kankrej breeds of Indian cattle. He is still learning new things about caring animals and is so very glad to share his experiences with you.

Meha Pathak

Wife of Mr. Rishabh Pathak, she is the back bone of this website and all other projects her husband is pursuing. Without her active participation and support there would have been no possibility of bringing up this website to reality. She is a pharmacist by profession working in an esteemed pharmacy MNC.  She takes care of all important things for pets. Be it feeding fishes or preparing meals for dogs or taking care of plants and birds. She was exposed to the world of pets only after her marriage but she quickly took every house pet under her care. An extremely good manager she is managing work and family very well.

Phunu Ma'am

Phunu Kakati

An avid dog enthusiast she was introduced to dogs at a very tender age of five. Since then her association with dogs is going on and on. Past three decades have contributed in building her vast experience with dog and understanding of dog behavior. In this life long process she had developed a strong liking for native Indian breeds. She is also actively involved in preserving the native Indian mastiff breed that has not been recognized by FCI yet. She has a deep understanding of difficult breeds and being a mother of two lovely little lads she has a firsthand experience managing big dogs and small children altogether. She can be very helpful in providing tips to manage house, family and pets altogether.

Sourabh Kumar

Already a successful blogger (Aloof Tec and Andro Root) he is the person who changed the face of this website. All the technical aspects for the development of this website are handled by this young man. He started relatively young and is a complete blogger in every sense. He has a sound knowledge of all technical aspects for development of a website, working on Word Press and content writing. As a writer he has developed a sharp, piercing and witty writing style with a shade of strong critique. His best trait is his eagerness to learn and improve himself in every aspect of blogging. Apart from technical aspects he is involved in developing beautiful terrariums and is a gift artist in various expressions of fine arts.

Satish Ji

Satish Rewala

Born and brought up in village Kansali of Kotputli, Mr.Satish had been around commercial animals like Indian water buffalo, cows, indigenous poultry, sheep and goat breeds. During his long career with reputed companies like Parle-G and Vodafone, he took care of his own commercial and ensured their good health above all. He has a treasure of age old tricks and techniques that are rooted deep in Indian culture of taking care of animals that supported traditional Indian village economy. With his inclusion in our team we hope to answer most of your commercial animal related quires with utmost satisfaction.